My Favourite Bollywood Movies

( Bhaduri)

Jagga Jasoos

This movie was recently released at the beginning of this year, which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the main leads. What I found really captivating about the direction of this film is that a very “Disney” environment was created in a Bollywood movie for the very first time. It was so colourful, fun and refreshing to see these two young characters go through the valleys of Africa in order to find the suspected killer that the police was after and to also find Tutti Fruti’s, played by Ranbir, long lost father. I really enjoyed how lively all the character’s were portrayed and displayed such a youthful vibe to each of the scenes, even when it was a serious one. Personally, I felt that Tutti Frutti should've had more dialogues in the movie but he was given very minimal speech throughout the whole journey. It was amazing to see how even without little vocal expression, Ranbir was able to depict such strong emotions through his eyes, mannerism, behaviour and general body language. He is a commendable actor, who deserves much more international recognition and so does Katrina Kaif. The African culture was nicely incorporated in the second-half of the film, which provides the audience with a new perception and something exciting to look forward to in the advancement of the movie. This movie is one of my favourites because I sincerely was astonished at the high level of video editing that created such beautiful scenery and visuals of the different parts of the world that were visited throughout the movie. I highly recommend this action packed, refreshing and thrilling roller coaster of a movie to any audience, since it can be enjoyed by all ages.