My Favourite Bollywood Movies


Kal Ho Na Ho

On a more serious note, this movie is about a patient, Aman, who suffers from a heart disease. The title translated to "Tomorrow May Never Come", as the maine theme of this movie is about living life to the fullest despite any conflicts one may be going through. This disease has brought his mother and him to New York so that they can consult a well-known cardiologist about the condition of his diagnosis and what can be done to make his health better. On the parallel of this story, there is Naina, who is a young university student who is pursuing her MBA degree alongside her best friend Rohit. What I really enjoyed about these two storylines was the merging of the lives of Aman and Naina, when he coincidently starts living in the same neighbourhood as her. It was as if this was destiny's plan to unite them, but then problems began to make their friendship bitter. Naina had no clue about Aman’s health condition and was yet to fall in love with him but Aman started becoming distant from Naina because he thought that his love might bring her pain when his health deteriorated. This movie is about the strong love that Aman shared for Naina and her wellbeing that pushed him to part ways from what made him happy. He preached living in the moment and loved his life, even if he did not have much time left. It is was devastating seeing him go through so much emotional distress, as he was torn between his love for Naina and her future. This movie also starred Shah Rukh Khan, an actor that I admire very much because he was able to portray his character with such dignity and gave the story full justice. Karan Johar had directed this epic movie, which featured one of the best songs created in Bollywood history that have moulded the lives of many Bollywood enthusiast around the globe.