My Favourite Bollywood Movies


Simran's reviews

Welcome to my website! I will be sharing with you my favourite Bollywood movies that I have enjoyed watching throughout my childhood and continue to watch even now. I am a movie enthusiast, especially when it comes to Indian movies because I have a keen interest in the Indian film industry. On this website, I will share my top four favourite movies, as I give a simple review about the film and what factors stuck to me for so long. I will also be speaking about the main actors in each movie, and what specialities these actors possess that makes their characters so lovable and admirable. The image that I have inserted above this explains the level of grandeur that the Indian movie industry has reached over the past 110 years of it's existence. Bollywood has such a rich culture that I believe everyone should experience at least once in his or her life, it will surely leave you wanted more. Personally, I feel a strong sense of pride in supporting the Bollywood industry since I feel like there is not much representation of the South Asian culture in Hollywood. Bollywood is also known for its beautiful melodies that accompany the movies, which is something unique and special to this field of entertainment. The songs are soulful, fun and can get pretty much anyone on the dance floor. I really hope you learn something new from my website and hopefully this will motivate you to watch at least one of these movies thanks to the reviews that I have provided on here.