My Favourite Bollywood Movies

(Yash Raj)

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

This movie is one of my all time favourites because I have grown up watching it during family occasions and with my friends. The title translates to: "The Big-Hearted Will Take Away The Bride" , which is a clear depiction of the synopsis of this movie. The amazing Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol play the roles of the male protagonist and female protagonist respectively. This movie was released in 1995 on October 19th, which makes it a classic in India because it has been playing in the Old Maratha Mandir Theatre in India every week ever since it released to this day. This rom-com is about two Indian-British residents, whom are in their early twenties and coincidently meet each other during a Eurorail trip. I really enjoyed the fact that even despite some misunderstandings, Raj and Simran, unknowingly, fall in love. A twist was then introduced in order to keep the audience entertained when Simran finds out that she was destined to marry to her father's childhood friend's son, Kuljeet. She tries to forget about Raj, as her parents make the move back to India after selling their house and wealth back in England. Raj is devastated about knowing this and goes on this journey to India in order to win her back, as he does not want to live the rest of his life regretting anything. They both slyly meet each other in the midst of Simran's wedding preparations, but no one is aware about Raj's real relationship with her, as he made his way into the wedding by befriending and saving Kuljeet's life. Raj's funny personality has helped him get through many little spats and fights in this whole situation, which is something that really stuck on to me from this movie. His character is so nicely crafted by the direction, Aditya Chopra, that one forgets about the problems and simply enjoys the moments of the movie. In the end, Simran's father allows her to literally run back to Raj, as this scene is the most recreated and memorable part of the movie. They both catch their train back to England, and lived happily ever after.