Grewal, Jassimran

Student ID #


What is your preferred name?

I prefer being called Simran.

What are your preferred pronoms?

My preferred pronoms are "She".

Where did you last study before coming to Dawson?

I studied at a french highschool, which is called "Ecole Secondaire Cavelier-De LaSalle".

What program are you currently enrolled in?

I am currently in Commerce (300.FB).

What are your plans after completing you DEC?

I plan on attending university full-time once I am done with college.

What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is Calculus.

What is your favorite past-time/hobby/sport?

I really enjoy playng badminton, going out for walks, shopping and watching movies.

Honestly, why did you select this course?

I picked this course because I had heard from a friend of mine that it is quite interesting and easy.

Describe two different learning activities that you find most effective.

I really like watching videos that accompany certain notions that I learn in my courses because it allows me to understand more. I also like following the tutorials at the beginnings of certain programs because it gives me a good outlook on how the software works.

I really like watching movies when I have free time,especially Bollywood movies.There are just so great and dramatic! It is great that we are introduced to many different cultures here in Montreal.It really enriches your knowlegde on all the different traditions there are in this world.